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Sign Sourcing


Custom garment, textile and accessory design


Our mission

 We are an international team that oversees apparel

manufacturing, from your initial inspiration to doorstep delivery.

Through our expertise in developing long-term business relationships with international

apparel suppliers and factories across the globe, we are able to bring you the

most competitive prices and custom solutions. Our goal is to provide you with the

opportunity to tap into the most competitive markets, with the best resources available.

Each client has specific needs, and we are here to do the research, develop relationships,

provide design support, negotiate for competitive prices, and deliver

the end product you desire.We look forward to serving you.


Services & Capabilities

Design & Development

We start by understanding the needs

and goals of our clients on each and

every order. Whether you already

have a thriving fashion brand, or

you are just in the design phase,

we can offer you support.

Graphic design

Textile design

Packaging and label design

Technical sheet design

Custom accessories

Sourcing & Production

We offer our internal, highly technical

quality control service in line

production. This allows us to follow

the production of your items with

our own hands. We work with top

factories that can meet your

time frame, quality and budget.

Fabric, yarn,and accessories can

also be imported from other countries

as per your needs.


Due to our relationships with numerous

suppliers in a variety of countries,

we are able to negotiate

with reputable factories to get you

the best price for your apparel

needs, given your time frame

and budget




Our goal is to meet your needs

due to both the best cost and best

timing. We have experience working

with different factories around the

world, and give you our honest

advice about timing in order to

get your order produced, shipped and

on the floor at the right time.


We work directly with our clients

to determine the level of quality

required. We source samples,

and our clients have the opportunity

to hold the sample in their hand

to make sure it is “just what they

ordered”. Our quality control

department will be following every

single step of your production,

from cutting the fabric to the

packaging. Daily quality

inspections at every step of

production will ensure that

you recieve your target quality.



We specialize in knit ,woven and

sweater garments and textiles for

men, women and children.

Whether you require a small or

large quantity per style, we are here

to find the right factory for you.

We have the capacity to deliver

globally by sea or air, depending on

your timing needs. We specialize in

producing garments for European

and United States markets.



Why Sign Sourcing?

We have been working over the past

13 years with

130 suppliers and

75 factories throughout

4 countries and have served over

30 clients with strong financial

transactions with European partners

based in Asia for more than

20 years by exporting

over 2 million garments per year over

3 continents across the globe.


More About Us

Sign Sourcing was built based on years of experience working in leading garment export countries, such as Bangladesh, China

and Sri Lanka. We work with numerous kinds of factories around the globe to bring you the exact solution

you are looking for. Whether your company is in need of stock productions, design studies, small sample

room creations or large production runs delivered on time, we have created the strongest collaborations and

want to offer these resources to you.

If you are interested in importing

garments to meet your company’s

needs, please contact us and we

would be happy to put together a

proposal and quote for your perusal.

We pride ourself on establishing

long-term relationships with

our factories as well as clients,

and can ensure full transparancy

and the most competitive prices to

help your business grow.

Would you like more information? We’d love to hear from you.

Skype: alex_signsourcing


Nepal (+977) 913628647 / USA (001) 2314097153 / IT (+39) 3470890578




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